Correspondent Banking

Correspondent Banking

PlainsCapital Bank offers specialized services that allow you to provide leading-edge financial services to your bank’s customers without committing valuable resources for development and implementation. With our full range of Correspondent Banking services, you’ll receive a customized solution that will allow you to better serve your customers. We provide the services you need to help grow your bank.

Our highly personalized service starts with giving you direct access to our Correspondent Banking specialists. You will be able to contact our experts to discuss your correspondent needs, and we’ll customize a solution to help you meet your bank’s goals and objectives. 

Our complete line of Correspondent Banking services includes:


Electronic Cash Letter Exchange

Payments can be deposited electronically, eliminating the need to prepare and transport paper-based cash letter payments. The electronic cash letter deposit saves you time and money by allowing you to work directly from images without running additional passes of checks and documentation, and extends deposit times to 8 p.m.


  • Optimal routing of your image items to achieve the lowest possible clearing cost
  • Duplicate detection at the item and file level
  • Secure delivery of forward files through SecureConnect
  • Automated notification of file receipt
  • Automated notification of cash letter adjustments

PlainsCapital Bank has the financial strength and stability to help our partners achieve success. We offer a comprehensive line of lending products and services that make it easy for your bank to accomplish its financial goals.

Features and Services:

  • Participation Loans Purchased
  • Bank/Holding Company Stock Financing
  • Shareholder/Director/Officer and Employee Loans
  • Mortgages
Fed Funds & Cash Management

PlainsCapital Bank can help with excess liquidity by purchasing federal funds as principal from correspondent banks or selling federal funds to create liquidity.

Features and Services:

  •   Fed funds sold
  •   Fed funds purchased
  •   Competitive rates

PlainsCapital Bank offers a competitively priced securities custodial service. Regardless of the size of the portfolio, we’ll assist you in using our safekeeping services to provide reports and track investment payments.


  • Advance notice of maturities and payments
  • Competitive pricing
  • Superior service, support, and assistance
  • Brokered CDs
Business Online Services

PlainsCapital’s Business Online Services gives you the flexibility to manage your position anywhere, anytime. All in a day’s work. 

Through Business Online Services, You Can:

  • View previous day and intraday balances and transactions on all accounts
  • View account statements
  • View all SecureConnect reports, including:
    • Fed Funds Position
    • Intraday Clearings
    • Balance Reporting
    • Float Reporting
  • Add users or manage user rights by function and dollar amount
  • Comply with recommended dual control standards for payment activity
  • Approve transactions over the phone or through your smart phone
  • Securely access these services with our unique authentication process without installing additional software

With PlainsCapital’s Business Online Services, You Can Access Additional Treasury Management Services Such as:

  • Wire Transfer Module
  • SecureConnect
ACH Services

Provide your commercial clients with the ability to pass their NACHA-formatted files securely to us for processing. They can take advantage of cost saving, electronic payment, and collection options such as:

Direct Deposit

Paying employees by Direct Deposit is a standard practice in today’s modern workplace. Your clients can submit their Direct Deposit files directly through us to improve float times and reduce costs.

Collecting Customer Payments

Forecasting cash flow can be tricky. It’s even more challenging when your clients wait for their customers’ checks to arrive. ACH collections eliminate the wait. Your clients can offer direct debit to their customers to speed collections, improve cash forecasting, and provide a convenience all at the same time.

Cash Concentration

Your clients’ businesses may have locations outside your local market. Cash Concentration via ACH allows them to quickly and cheaply move their funds from those satellite bank accounts back to your Institution.

Vendor Payments or Expense Reimbursements

Your clients can pay vendors with ACH, too. And if their employees work remotely, it’s easy to reimburse their expenses with an electronic deposit.

Asset Management

We’ll partner with you to develop capital management services that meet the specific and unique needs of your financial institution. Let us be your private financial consultant.

Features and Services:

  •   Certificates of Deposit
  •   Wealth and Investment Management
  •   Capital Equipment Leasing
Global Payment Solutions

Your Payment Advisors

PlainsCapital Bank can assist you with your clients’ unique payment needs and provide a resource for understanding the options available through Fedwire and SWIFT.

Send Funds Anywhere Around the World

The Web GFX wire module gives you the ability to send funds anywhere around the globe in the currency of your choice. Our online interface provides the security and control that you require in an environment built for simplicity.

Web GFX Features:

  • ABA and BIC Directory for quickly finding the U.S. or foreign financial institution you need
  • Foreign currency transactions provide real-time spot conversion rates for over 30 currencies
  • Templates allow for creation of recurring U.S. and foreign funds transfers
  • Research all previous inbound and outbound wire transfers using any number of search fields
Biometric Fingerprint Reader

PlainsCapital Bank supports biometric technology with our fingerprint reader that not only secures important information with greater protection, but also makes the whole process easier for the user. Your employees no longer have to remember multiple, lengthy passwords. A simple scan of their fingerprint enables them to work faster and more efficiently. 

Hardware Features

  • Easy-to-swipe surface
  • Option to store profile on the reader itself
  • Scans and stores fingerprints either on the device itself or within the PC’s hard drive
  • Encrypts everything stored
  • Universal USB connection with plug-and-play capability

Software Features

  • Stores and encrypts all password information
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Allows folder encryption to protect any documents inside
  • Easily customizable for a large business or single person