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Improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of your receivables processing with PlainsCapital Bank’s Lockbox Services. Outsourcing your check collection and receivables tasks to PlainsCapital will help you streamline your internal audit control and decrease the time it takes to process incoming payments — thus improving and simplifying your accounting and cash flow processes.

PlainsCapital provides wholesale, retail, and medical lockbox customers with unmatched service delivery. From deposit preparation and transportation to data and image capture, PlainsCapital is your resource for end-to-end cash collections and receivables processing.


Designed for corporate-to-corporate payments, PlainsCapital Bank’s wholesale lockbox service speeds remittance payments collections, improves your company’s cash flow, and frees your employees for other tasks.

Payments are retrieved from a designated post office box several times each day and processed immediately – including deposit preparation, transportation, and data capture. Our imaging technology expedites the release of checks into the check collection system, and you can choose how those images are delivered to you.


PlainsCapital Bank brings your claims management process into the 21st century with our Medical Lockbox. This comprehensive online tool processes paper EOBs and electronic ERAs in a standardized view across all payers, provides data mining capabilities, and helps you comply with HIPPA requirements.


For high-volume retail customers, our automated data capture or optical character recognition process makes collecting information from standardized remittance documents more economical. If you’re new to retail processing, PlainsCapital can help you design and create a remittance document. We also provide deposit preparation, transportation, and data capture options to fit your specifications. Data delivery options for retail lockbox services are the same as for wholesale processing.

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Receive payments faster, more efficiently, and with less hassle – and save money in the process.

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