We're Committed to Your Security

As your banking partner, we work with in close collaboration with you to provide secure banking and fraud management insights and best practices, assess your security threats, anticipate vulnerabilities, and incorporate fraud solutions to help you stop fraud before it starts.

We’re dedicated to helping you fight fraud with proven tools and advice that put you in control of your payments and accounts. Fraud prevention is built into each and every one of our core services, via features like multi-level payment approval and mobile notifications of suspicious account activity.

For businesses that engage in large volumes of transactions or send and receive money through multiple payment methods, more advanced security features may be needed to prevent some of the most common types of modern payment fraud. Our Payment Fraud Protection services were designed with these needs in mind.

Payment Fraud Protection

Stop potential fraudulent transactions before they occur with PlainsCapital Bank’s advanced suite of products and tools designed to protect against payment fraud. With Positive Pay and PlainsCapital’s ACH Fraud Module, you have powerful solutions to help you easily monitor incoming and outgoing transactions for suspicious activity.

Positive Pay

PlainsCapital Bank Positive Pay provides a controlled environment to monitor your paid check activity. Each time you issue checks, you inform us by sending a flexible format data file from your accounting system or by keying in the information online. We then compare that information to checks that have paid to your account overnight. If we find checks that fail to match, we send you an email alerting you to the possible fraudulent activity. If questionable activity is detected, you can return the check online without further delay.

ACH Fraud Module

PlainsCapital Bank offers a variety of methods for fighting electronic payment fraud – known commonly as ACH fraud – including Account and ID Blocks. However, our most powerful tool is our innovative ACH Fraud Module.

This online tool lets you create ACH filters by Company ID, Amount, and Standard Entry Class, virtually ensuring that if something out of the ordinary posts to your account, you’ll know it immediately. Once you’ve created filters, you can quickly and easily update them online as new vendors or customers come on board. If a transaction posts to your account outside of the parameters you’ve specified, we will immediately send an email for payment verification.

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