Make payments easy by accepting credit and debit cards on the spot or via phone, mobile, or the web

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    Streamline Payments and
    Grow Your Business

    Take control of your payments with our Merchant Services to make your processes quicker and more efficient while also reducing fraud.

    Our Merchant Services specialists are experts in identifying the right mix of solutions to help you streamline your payment processes. And our local support will be with you every step of the way as your business grows and your needs change. Our Merchant Services solutions include:

    Processing Solutions ..............

    Point of Sale

    With the rapid expansion of e-commerce, our payment processing solutions are built on a foundation that functions as an integral role in various retail Point of Sale systems. Whether you run a five-star restaurant or a lemonade stand, our online and in-store terminal solutions can help cut costs and increase profitability.


    EMV “smartcards” are the global standard for secure processing of credit and debit cards based on microchip technology. Our solutions are equipped to help your business accept chip payments which are rapidly replacing traditional magnetic stripe credit cards in the United States.

    Mobile Solutions

    For the on-the-go entrepreneur, a mobile solution may be right for you. Process card payments directly from your smartphone at concert venues, school functions, food trucks, and more. Simply utilize an Android or iOS device to accept all major credit cards and save on processing fees.

    Gift Cards

    Increase revenue, attract new customers, and reward your loyal ones with our gift card solution. Create the program that best suits your business and your customers with custom card designs to reinforce your brand—both inside and outside the store.

    Contactless Payment Solutions

    Remove the friction in payments by enhancing technology. Whether transactions are in person, delivery or curbside our solutions are equipped to help your business modernize and accept contactless payments.

    For most businesses online, delivery, and curbside may be a “new” process for them. New customers are looking for an online presence of the business ( this is the business “first impression” opportunity). Speed and communication are growing demands from consumers.


    With the recent increases of online sales, e-commerce is essential to all businesses looking for continued growth and efficiency within their organization. Develop your e-commerce space, invest in plug-in tools, and better understand how these trends can impact your industry.

    Management Solutions ..............


    Analyze the profitability of your portfolio, monitor payment card and settlement activity, and manage chargebacks or retrievals with our online reporting tool. Stay organized and on top of your processing activity to keep pace with the ever-changing market conditions.


    Business Analytics

    Navigate the digital business world with analytics tools and insight. Understand what drives revenue and make smarter business decisions. By utilizing data, businesses can achieve more growth by knowing where to invest resources and where to cut costs.

    PCI Compliance

    Staying PCI compliant is both mandatory and smart. Take the steps to become and remain PCI compliant, even as requirements change, with our self-assessment, network vulnerability scanners, and security awareness training.

    Service Solutions ..............


    Protect your customers, your revenue, and your reputation with our consolidated suite of security solutions. This includes our encryption, tokenization, and card-compromise assistance security solutions to protect your business from cyber criminals and the overwhelming costs of a data breach.


    Whether you have questions about equipment training, statement and billing issues, or day-to-day operations, our merchant services team has the experience and knowledge necessary to offer support for any credit card processing systems.

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