PlainsCapital Bank Stays Ahead of the Game Through Microlearning


As part of its employee training strategy, PlainsCapital Bank recently implemented LemonadeLXP, an engaging, digital microlearning platform designed to boost staff knowledge of banking products, customer service, policies and procedures.

PlainsCapital customized the program to create an interactive game with frequent, short activities that reward knowledge with scores. Using LemonadeLXP, employees can dually compete with their peers and participate in training.

“Providing constant learning opportunities that help employees better serve clients is a key part of PlainsCapital’s strategy to continue growing as a trusted banking partner,” said Jennifer Williams, banking services training manager. “The online microlearning concept we’ve adopted is helping us make training more convenient and effective. The key is that users can have fun while they’re developing and reinforcing their competencies.”

Since PlainsCapital Bank made LemonadeLXP available, the average scores among its users have jumped from 82 percent to 93 percent, marking an 11 percent rise in employee knowledge.

The results produced from LemonadeLXP have allowed PlainsCapital to more concretely identify gaps in knowledge and build and refine the training curriculum. The bank intends to apply the microlearning concept to several other departments in the future.

“We’re excited about the opportunities ahead with microlearning,” said Kendall Decker, regional training supervisor. “COVID-19 related social distancing measures threaten to unwind the progress many companies have made in their training efforts. Rather than hitting snooze during COVID-19, we’re maintaining our momentum through innovative employee training.”

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