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“With PlainsCapital you get way more than just a banker. It’s like you’re gaining a close friend and business consultant at the same time.” — Brant Schroeder, Shatterproof Agency



Brant Schroeder is a creative director and co-founder of Shatterproof, an online marketing agency stationed in Dallas, Texas. Brant lives in Dallas with his wife, Brittnye, and their two children.

As of late 2019, Mr. Schroeder is in the process of moving all of his personal and business accounts over to PlainsCapital.


Before finding PlainsCapital, Brant Schroeder was a long-time (20+ year) customer at a big multinational bank. His experience there reads like a typical big bank experience: on the positive side, there were plenty of branches and ATM locations to choose from. But over time, especially once Mr. Schroeder started his own business, the negatives started outweighing the positives.

“I never had any illusions that we were anything more than a number to them. Still, everything about the interactions I had with the bank felt impersonal and very salesy,” Mr. Schroeder says.

“We also had customer services issues that were eating up a lot of our time. For instance, I’d notice some fees on my business account that didn’t seem right, so I’d call the bank, and they’d say, “Oh yeah, sorry. We’ll take those off.” And then the next month, I’d see they were doing it again!

“It felt like they were always finding ways to nickel and dime us. Except these weren’t nickels and dimes — they were really significant fees they were charging.”

Eventually, the experience became frustrating enough that Mr. Schroeder began to consider switching. But he wasn’t sure how much difference it would make, since he assumed all banks operated more or less the same way.



That all changed when Mr. Schroeder met some of the executive leaders at PlainsCapital, starting with Pete Villarreal, the bank’s Chief Administrative Officer.

“I was blown away by how personable and down to earth Pete is. This is the kind of person you could run into on the street and strike up a conversation with. Since then I’ve met most of the PlainsCapital executives, and they’re all like that. There’s not a single person here who fits the stereotype of the “big bank executive.” You’d never know you were talking to executives at one of the biggest banks in Texas.”

Mr. Schroeder also appreciates the person-to-person, relationship driven approach the bankers at PlainsCapital take.

“Every interaction is a real conversation where the focus is on figuring out the best way to take care of my needs, my family’s needs, and my business’ needs. It’s obvious that PlainsCapital really takes the approach that if they help their customers succeed, they’ll succeed too.”



As the Shatterproof Agency continues to grow, PlainsCapital Bank has already provided valuable guidance in multiple areas. Mr. Schroeder says that he’s 100% confident he made the right decision in switching all of his personal and business accounts to PlainsCapital.

“They’ve already helped me from a planning and strategy perspective figure out things I’ll need down the road. They’ve given me insights into aspects of running my business that have already made a huge difference, and I’ve barely started banking with them.”

Mr. Schroeder says his only regret is that he didn’t make the switch sooner.

“It’s like having way more than a banker. It’s like you’re gaining a close friend and business consultant at the same time.”

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