Protecting Your Account – Avoid Phishing Phone Calls

Protecting Your Account – Avoid Phishing Phone Calls

Phishing is a common scam where fraudsters call and/or send text messages to customers from a “spoofed” PlainsCapital Bank phone number. The fraudster impersonates a bank employee, claims there is a problem with the customer’s account, and then asks for the customer’s account information such as user IDs, passwords, or text verification codes.

Please note, if PlainsCapital Bank contacts you regarding actual fraud on your account, we will NEVER ask for your user name, passwords, PINs, or a security/pass code through unsolicited emails, phone calls, text messages, or pop-up windows.

PlainsCapital Bank will only request limited account information for verification purposes to ensure we are speaking to the correct person and to protect your financial information.

If you are suspicious about a request for personal information or the legitimacy of an inbound phone call, hang up, call your local branch or PlainsCapital Bank customer service at 866.762.8392, and ask to be transferred to the fraud department.

You can also contact the PlainsCapital Bank fraud department directly by calling 214.525.4699 during regular business hours.