Switching to PlainsCapital Bank is a Snap

We take the hassle out of switching banks. If you’ve put off moving to PlainsCapital because the thought of closing your old accounts and switching over your automatic payments and direct deposit seems overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve created simple forms that make the process super simple.

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See What Our Mobile App Has to Offer

With the top-rated PlainsCapital mobile app, access to your accounts is just a tap away.

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Insights for Your Personal Financial Journey

3 Benefits of Having Multiple Savings Accounts

Multiple savings accounts can enhance the way you organize your finances and save for specific goals.

Keeping Your Money Safe: Phishing

PlainsCapital Bank’s Fraud Department provides educational resources for customers to help detect and prevent fraud on their accounts.

Best Ways to Build Credit with a Credit Card

A credit card can help establish credit over time to ensure you’ll be ready for your next financial milestone.

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