Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

Exchange Currency Before You Travel Abroad

PlainsCapital Bank’s International Department is responsible for foreign exchange services—converting U.S. dollars to other marketable currencies and making delivery to the beneficiary’s bank account. The Bank’s International Department also has the ability to assist customers in converting currency held in a foreign bank into U.S. dollars and moving these funds to their PlainsCapital account.

Foreign exchange services are available to customers who have a PlainsCapital Bank checking account. Customers can pay for this service via a direct debit from their checking account. PlainsCapital Bank offers next-day delivery of foreign currency (in most cases) to a local branch location for customer pick up.

PlainsCapital Bank offers foreign exchange services for all major currencies, except for those that are restricted or prohibited.

PlainsCapital Bank is a member of the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) which allows us to securely transmit financial information in a timely manner.