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 Saving for retirement is as easy as I-R-A.

It's never too early - or too late - to start saving for retirement with a tax-advantaged account from PlainsCapital Bank. Our certificate of deposit IRAs offer tax benefits and attractive rates in fixed-term, FDIC-insured accounts. And, it only takes $100 to start turning your future dreams into reality.

Traditional IRAs

With a Traditional Individual Retirement Account, your annual contributions may be tax-deductible--you'll pay no taxes on your earnings until you withdraw them.

Roth IRAs

With a Roth IRA, contributions are not tax-deductible, but qualified withdrawals--including earnings--are tax-free.

Changing Employers? Don't Cash Out, Roll it Over

If you leave your job or retire, you don't have to cash out your qualified retirement plan. You can keep the the tax-deferred status of your funds by rolling them directly into a Traditional or Roth IRA.

Retirement Tools

Our online retirement planning calculators can help you determine your best savings options, how to calculate their retirement expenses, and what role Social Security will play. Click the link below to learn how close you are to retirement.
Please consult your tax professional for tax rules regarding IRAs. Rollovers are subject to normal IRA conversion contribution rules.