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EZShield Fraud Protection

 ID Theft Protection

PlainsCapital Bank partners with EZShield® Fraud Protection, a leader in identity fraud protection services, to offer a new, integrated solution to actively secure, monitor and restore your identity. Javelin Strategy and Research recently named EZShield as "Best in Class" in their 2013 Identity Protection Scorecard.
Tier 1 provides the following benefits for $2 per month:
  • Certified Resolution Specialists. EZShield’s team of certified fraud resolution experts are on call to help alleviate the impact of fraud or identity theft for you and your family.
  • Fraud Assistance. EZShield representatives will provide you with personal assistance if your wallet or identity are stolen.
  • ID Theft Insurance. EZShield will reimburse up to $25,000 in expenses related to identity theftand up to $500 per week for lost wages for a maximum of four weeks.

Tier 2 adds the following benefits when you register online and pay an additional $3 per month:

  • Internet Monitoring. When you create your online account, you’ll have access to activate online black market scans of your personally identifiable information to help identify fraud.
  • Credit Monitoring. EZShield online offers active monitoring of changes to your credit information, along with email notifications regarding updates to your credit report.
  • Secure Online Storage. EZShield online offers a convenient online file accessible 24/7 to manage your essential personal information and eliminate paper trails to help reduce your risk of fraud.

All of these servies are available for no additional charge with Premier Checking or Golden Checking.