People Pay

People Pay

The simple & secure way to send and receive money

People Pay is a person-to-person payment solution that provides a fast and secure way to send and receive money. With People Pay, you can quickly and easily pay friends and family no matter where they bank, and you can receive payments directly to your PlainsCapital account from other People Pay users.

No checks. No ATMs. No personal banking information.

PlainsCapital customers can now send money to friends and family securely through People Pay with a mobile phone just by knowing your recipient’s phone number or email address. If you have friends and family who also use People Pay, they can easily send you money as well.

When using People Pay, keep in mind:

People Pay is designed to send money to friends and family. It is not designed for paying bills or invoices. Please use our Bill Pay service for conducting bill pay transactions.

  1. People Pay is not designed to transfer money to accounts you may have at other financial institutions. Please use our external transfer option to conduct these transfers.
  2. Please visit our online banking site and review your account type details to learn more about fees that may be incurred each statement cycle.
  3. When creating a People Pay transaction, use caution when entering phone numbers and email addresses for friends and family. Entering the wrong phone number or email could result in a payment being undelivered or sent to the wrong person.
  4. When a People Pay transaction is scheduled and processed, your account will be debited on that same day.


For more information on your People Pay status, payment history and more, please visit our online banking site or call 866.762.8392 to speak with a customer service representative. We're available to assist you Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.