What It’s Worth

What It’s Worth

Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

Author: Michelle Parish
Published Date: 9/15/2017

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey pounding the Texas Gulf Coast, we watched in disbelief as the flood waters rose and the images of devastation filled news broadcasts and social media feeds.  Harvey’s impact was historic by all measures.

Leading up to Harvey’s harrowing landfall, our PlainsCapital Bank senior management and emergency preparedness teams were working closely with our bank colleagues in the region, tracking the situation and monitoring the safety of our people.  While only a few of our branches were minimally impacted by the storm, a significant portion of the region was not.  We had many employees, customers, and friends who were severely affected by this catastrophic event, and we were compelled to act.

Our Hilltop Holdings family of companies—PlainsCapital Bank, PrimeLending, HilltopSecurities, and National Lloyds—have a strong, deep-rooted culture of doing, thanks to the initiative of our people.  We are proud to announce that as a company we have raised $200,000 toward the Texas Gulf Coast relief and recovery efforts.  This amount represents our corporate donation of $50,000 plus the funds raised from our company-wide hurricane relief campaign driven by employee and customer contributions.

Along with the generous charitable and in-kind donations raised, there was an outpouring of support from our Hilltop colleagues across the state responding to the calls for humanitarian aid, demonstrating remarkable acts of heroism, grace, and kindness.  We have dubbed them our Hilltop Harvey Heroes, and you can read more about them here.

Our hearts continue to be with the victims whose lives were directly impacted by Harvey, as well as those on the Florida West Coast and in the Caribbean who were hit hard by Hurricane Irma.  As a Texas-based company, we say with strength and determination that we are committed to helping our Texas communities rebuild.

Additional Information for Our Customers Affected by Hurricane Harvey

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