What It’s Worth

What It’s Worth

Five Key Treasury Management Solutions for Your Business

Author: Michelle Parish
Published Date: 2/13/2018

Technology advancements—computers, internet, mobile communications, etc.—have dramatically changed the way we communicate and do business. As companies have evolved, so has the role of corporate treasury managers, who are called upon more and more to play a vital role in their organizations’ business strategies, especially with regard to liquidity, operational cash management, cash position, and risk assessment.

“The scope of responsibility for treasury managers has grown exponentially,” said PlainsCapital Bank Senior Vice President and Treasury Management Manager Tye Barton. “Not only are today’s treasury professionals tasked with ensuring that cash moves smoothly through their organizations, they also are charged with safeguarding their companies’ financial interests by helping to protect them against fraud; all of this while having to contend with increased regulatory and compliance requirements.”

According to Barton, stewardship over a company’s cash assets and liabilities involves maximizing investment income, using debt strategically, optimizing liquidity, managing risk, and streamlining processes associated with cash flow.

The Need for Powerful Tools!

Treasurers need increasingly powerful tools to help manage the financial health and growth of their organizations. Leading commercial banks like PlainsCapital have stepped into the gap, investing in newer, more effective and efficient technologies to aid the daily operations of treasury managers, offering payables, receivables, and working capital management tools specifically designed to improve cash flow, speed collections, increase efficiencies and reduce risk.

1. Payables Solutions

Payables solutions like helpful automated clearing house (ACH) payment modules, various wire transfers capabilities including foreign exchange, and robust corporate purchasing card programs are just a few of the treasury management solutions that allow for more efficient execution and management of business expenses and payroll, reducing or eliminating the need for manual processing.

2. Receivables Solutions

On the other side, receivables tools including ACH collections, remote deposit capture, wholesale and retail lockbox services, and a host of merchant solutions help streamline and speed up the collection process.

3. Working Capital Management

In addition to providing access to payable and receivable solutions, PlainsCapital’s treasury management portal, Business Online Services (BOS) for Treasury, offers tools and controls designed to help make more informed decisions on a daily basis. BOS for Treasury offers cash forecasting and customized reporting to better equip treasurers to make informed decisions like whether to advance or pay down a line of credit or move money into an investment account. They can automate investing and borrowing with various cash sweep services to further maximize their return on working capital

4. Fraud Prevention

BOS for Treasury also serves as the first line of defense in minimizing fraud risks. Tools like check positive pay and ACH positive pay with fraud filters help to ensure payments posting to accounts are authorized. Barton adds that built-in controls like multi-level payment approval options and daily monitoring of check and electronic transactions, like the fraud detection services PlainsCapital offers, can lessen the risks of both internal and external fraud.

5. Mobility

At PlainsCapital, we understand that our customers often wear many hats and manage their businesses on the go. That’s why we offer business mobile banking to make BOS for Treasury available wherever they are. Our treasury management customers can keep an eye on their cash position, approve ACH and wire payments, be alerted to and address suspect fraud transactions, and remotely deposit checks all from our Business Mobile App.

With treasury professionals taking on growing responsibility within their organizations, now more than ever it is important to take advantage of the latest commercial banking tools and services at their disposal. To learn more about PlainsCapital Bank’s treasury management services, visit the PlainsCapital Bank website or call (214) 252-4005 or email treasurymanagement@plainscapital.com to be connected with a treasury management banker.

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