Grow your business and increase sales by leveraging e-commerce tools.

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    Is Your Business Leveraging

    With the recent increases of online sales, e-commerce is essential to all businesses looking for continued growth and efficiency within their organization. Whether you are developing your e-commerce space, need plug-in tools, or simply want to better understand how these trends can impact your industry, PlainsCapital Bank Merchant Services is ready to guide your transformation.

    Online Payment Option for Customers

    An online payment option can be as simple as a “Pay Now” button that allows a client to make a payment instantly. Perhaps you need to track customer information along with the payment. While there are several methods to deploy this type of payment feature, it is most important to make sure the features are cohesive in your payment environment. Our PlainsCapital Merchant Services Team partners with you to help determine the needs of your business.

    Virtual Terminal

    The most traditional way to accept in-person payments is with a physical countertop terminal. While this may work in many environments, moving towards a virtual terminal provides several enhancements that are meaningful for your business. With the ability to have easy access on-the-go by connecting to your terminal online—whether at a tradeshow or traveling—a virtual terminal allows you to instantly see your in-store sales.

    Integrate Payments for Both
    In-Person and Online

    Having better visibility into your business allows you to engage your clients in a unique way. Identifying when and how your customers are making payments will increase the opportunity for communication. In today’s environment, flexibility is key. Perhaps you met a client virtually last week and they made a payment online. Having access to this information allows you to set up future recurring payments whether they revisit online or in person.


    Shopping Cart

    You may be using shopping cart software today that allows items to be gathered for purchase. However, there are enhancements that can help drive additional sales to your business. A shopping cart can make recommendations based on the items your customer has chosen to purchase. This often creates an increase in sales and an opportunity to market targeted products.

    Electronic Invoicing

    Send invoices with minimal effort and get paid faster. Many businesses are accustomed to traditional invoicing with net terms. However, the modern pace of business requires innovation in how businesses send and receive payments. For example, if a client has multiple invoices due, you can send them a payment link electronically and ease the process of collecting. This improvement in process ensures your payments are captured via a secure payment link while reducing overhead time.

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