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Full image Wholesale and Retail Lockbox services.

Check collection and receivables processing is a critical component of your company's treasury management process. As your company grows, it becomes important to manage these processes as efficiently and accurately as possible.
With PlainsCapital Bank's lockbox services, outsourcing your check collection and receivables tasks improves audit control and the speed with which you receive accounts receivable information. We provide both wholesale and retail lockbox customers with unmatched service delivery.
From deposit preparation and transportation to data and image capture, PlainsCapital is your resource for end-to-end cash collections and receivables processing.

Wholesale Lockbox Services

Designed for corporate-to-corporate payments, PlainsCapital Bank's wholesale lockbox service speeds remittance payments collections, improves your company's cash flow and frees your employees for other tasks.
Payments are retrieved from a designated post office box several times each day and processed immediately— including deposit preparation, transportation and data capture. Our imaging technology expedites the release of checks into the check collection system and you can choose how those images are delivered to you. Images can be delivered via the Internet or saved to CD-ROM for archival purposes.
We offer a fully customizable service designed to your specifications. Choose from a variety of data capture and delivery options including:

Data capture:

  • Invoice number
  • Customer account number
  • Customer name
  • Payment amount
  • Payment date
  • Company number
  • Bank's batch entry number

Delivery options:

  • Online images and full deposit reporting
  • Direct data transmission
  • Email attachments
  • Fax
  • U.S. Mail
  • Courier delivery

Retail Lockbox Services

For high volume retail customers, our automated data capture or Optical Character Recognition process makes collecting information from standardized remittance documents more economical. If you're new to retail processing, PlainsCapital can help you design and create a remittance document. We also provide deposit preparation, transportation and data capture options to fit your specifications. Data delivery options for retail lockbox services are the same as for wholesale processing.

San Antonio’s Digital Lockbox Solution

PlainsCapital Bank San Antonio developed a Digital Lockbox solution built for the San Antonio and Central Texas Medical Community. We process everything locally and provide high quality images of your checks and remittances online. Whether you own your PO box today or need us to open one on your behalf, we can provide remittance processing in your own back yard. Call our San Antonio bankers at 210.541.8228 for more information.

Contact Us

To learn more about PlainsCapital Treasury Management services email us or call 214.252.4000.