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Cash Management, made easy.

At PlainsCapital Bank, we know your time is valuable. We've designed our Cash Sweep Options with that in mind.
We have a variety of products to meet the needs of your business ranging from simple Overdraft Protection or Zero Balance Accounts to complex Two Way Credit and Investment Sweep Services. Each option takes the guess work out of managing your cash position on a daily basis, helping you maximize the return on your working capital.

Overdraft Protection

Set up overdraft protection for your disbursement accounts to avoid costly overdraft charges.

Zero Balance Accounts

Whether managing a disbursement or deposit account, setting up a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) makes it easy to automatically pool your funds and maximize the return on your cash.

Investment Sweep Services1

Make the most of your excess deposits by automatically investing in one of several interest-bearing sweep options:
  • Eurodollar Sweep
  • Collateralized Sweep
  • Mutual Fund Sweep

Credit Sweep Services2

Manage your revolving loan with our Credit Sweep Services. Take the guess work out of your paydowns and advances by making these transactions occur automatically.

Two Way Sweep Services

If your business is highly cyclical, consider our Two Way Sweep Service. It combines an Investment Sweep and Credit Sweep to maximize the return on your working capital. With this service you can:
  • Pay down your higher rate loan first when excess funds are available
  • Withdraw money from your lower rate investment account first when funds are needed

Contact Us

To learn more about PlainsCapital Treasury Management services email us or call 214.252.4000.
1. Contact PlainsCapital Treasury Management services at 214-252-4000 for more information on availability, pricing, and rates. Not all sweep options are available at all times. Eurodollar and Collateralized options are not FDIC insured. Mutual fund options are not bank deposits, carry no FDIC Insurance, and are subject to market risk.
2. Some loans may not qualify. Contact your Account Officer or Treasury Management Officer for availability.