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A Critical Component for Every Financial Institution

Provide your commercial clients with the ability to pass their NACHA formatted files securely to us for processing. They can take advantage of cost saving, electronic payment and collection options such as:

Direct Deposit

Paying employees by Direct Deposit is a standard practice in today's modern workplace. Your clients can submit their Direct Deposit files directly through us to improve float times and reduce costs.

Collecting Customer Payments

Forecasting cash flow can be tricky. It's even more challenging when you're clients wait for their customers’ checks to arrive. ACH collections eliminate the wait. Your clients can offer direct debit to their customers to speed collections, improve cash forecasting, and provide a convenience all at the same time.

Cash Concentration

Your clients business may have locations outside your local market. Cash Concentration via ACH allows them to quickly and cheaply move their funds from those satellite bank accounts back to your Institution.

Vendor Payments or Expense Reimbursements

Your clients can pay vendors with ACH, too. And, if their employees work remotely, it's easy to reimburse their expenses with an electronic deposit.