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Ready to switch to PlainsCapital?

We're ready for you. Are you putting off switching to PlainsCapital because you don't want the "hassle" of switching your direct deposits or Treasury Management services or closing your old accounts? To make the switch easier, we've created some forms to help you close your old bank account and open and set up authorized signers on your new one quickly, and without all the hassle.

Switch today.

It's easy to get started.
  • Identify the new PlainsCapital Bank checking, savings, or money market commercial accounts and services you wish to open.
  • Use the links below to access the forms you need and complete the information.
  • Print your completed forms and submit them to your commercial banker. It's that simple to switch!
If you don't have access to a printeror if you'd like us to help you make the switchstop by any of our locations or call

Establish your new commercial bank account.

Use this form to provide us with your company information that's required to set up your new PlainsCapital Bank account.

Establish authorized signers.

Identify the primary signers and users of your new PlainsCapital Bank account with the form below.

Select accounts and services.

Use this form to identify the types of PlainsCapital Bank products and services you want to open.

Close your old bank account.

Close your old bank account(s) and have your remaining funds sent to you by simply completing this form and submiting it to your bank.

Helpful tips:

  • Be sure to keep your current bank account open until you confirm that your automatic direct deposits and/or payments have been changed to your PlainsCapital account.
  • If you are setting up automatic payments for the first time, be sure to contact any company you wish to pay to make sure automatic payments are accepted.
  • If you are setting up direct deposit for the first time, be sure to contact your income source to make sure no other forms are required to process your request.