Business Analytics


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    How Can Data Analytics
    Take Your Business Further?

    If you’re a small business trying to navigate a digital world, PlainsCapital Merchant Services has tools and insight to make your data your No. 1 asset. We help our customers understand what drives their revenue so they can make smarter business decisions. By utilizing data analytics, businesses can achieve more growth by knowing where to invest resources and where to cut costs.

    Monitor Your Brand Reputation

    Customer feedback is an invaluable asset. With our data reporting tools, you can see how your business is rated on every review site and read all of your customer reviews in one place. Know first-hand how well you are meeting customer expectations and how to exceed them.

    Grow Customer Loyalty

    We can track how often customers visit your business and how much they usually spend. Use customer habits to design loyalty programs that resonate with your best customers. Or retarget and reconnect with customers who haven’t shopped with you in a while.

    Minimize Costs While Meeting Demand

    Discover ways to offset business costs by measuring the efficiency of your business. Optimize your customer transactions to eliminate wasted resources and deliver more value to your customers. Understanding your payment processes will make you better prepared to meet demand.


    Know Your Competitors

    Data has the power to enable a small business to compete with the bigger fish in the pond. We can measure how your business compares to competitors based on revenue, transactions, and average purchase price. Use pricing trends to anticipate how price points could change in the future and stay ahead of the curve.

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