What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Debit Card

Author: Cyrena E. Biberston, Branch Manager 08/05/2021

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose track of your essential personal items, such as keys, smartphone, wallet/purse, etc. We’ve all done it. One minute it’s there, the next it’s gone. It can be jarring, but don’t panic—especially if you are prepared and have a plan of action. This includes knowing what to do if you’ve lost your debit card.

Taking the Proper Steps

  • Look for Unauthorized Transactions – The first step you should take is to check to see if your account has been accessed by someone and if so, have they made any withdrawals or incurred charges. If that is the case, don’t worry. PlainsCapital Bank has several protective features at your disposal to remedy the situation.
  • Report the Lost Debit Card – You should contact the PlainsCapital Customer Service Center or your local branch to report the lost debit card. A PlainsCapital employee will be able to explain the options available to you.

In addition, you have the ability to protect your account right from your smartphone with Mobile Banking. Using Card Controls, you can manage what happens to your debit card even if you’ve temporarily misplaced it. A key feature is the ability to instantly turn your debit card off, allowing you a reprieve while you retrace your steps to see if you can find the card.

  • Cancel Automatic Payments – It is also recommended that you contact payees or vendors with whom you might have automatic payments set up, such as a landlord or auto finance company. This can prevent an unintended overdraft and avoid penalties from the vendor if your card was used illicitly to withdraw funds, causing an automatic payment to be canceled due to insufficient funds.

Another option available to you is for PlainsCapital Bank to provide you with a “warm card” which allows you to continue making deposits to your account while you try to locate the original debit card.

  • Continue to Monitor Your Account – It’s a good idea to continue monitoring your account in case your debit card becomes compromised. Contact PlainsCapital Bank if you see any unintended charges, and employees will make sure the Fraud department is notified. Based on the scenario and the fraudulent transaction(s), you will be asked a series of security questions and then the Bank employee will file a fraud claim for you. In addition, PlainsCapital Bank offers EZShield ID Theft Protection which can further protect you in the event you’ve lost your debit card.

While losing your debit card can be upsetting, there are multiple steps you can take to prevent fraud and protect yourself. Knowing what to do if you’ve lost your debit card will help alleviate your concern, and you can be assured that PlainsCapital Bank will work with you to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

For more information on what PlainsCapital Bank can do to help in the event you lose your debit card, please visit the Protecting Yourself section.

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