What to do Before Opening a Business

Author: David Quintanilla, Commercial Lending Manager 02/03/2022

When you’ve made the decision to open a business, it’s normal to experience some level of uncertainty. That’s why it’s critical to learn and prepare from the very beginning.  Fortunately, PlainsCapital Bank and its commercial lenders have decades of experience in helping business owners get started. By following these steps, you can position your business to have the greatest chance success.

Do Your Research

Knowing your industry and all its intricacies and details is crucial to get started. You need to know how your industry is affected by the economy and who are the major players (i.e., competitors) on a local, national, and/or global level. What will draw customers to your business versus your competitors’?

Establish Your Target Audience

The key reason to determine your audience is to help ensure that your product or service isn’t too ambiguous. By knowing your target demographic well, you will be able to focus your marketing and sales strategies to improve your chances of converting leads and increasing customer retention.

Map Out Your Finances: Cash Flow is Key

Obviously, you will need a substantial amount of capital to open a business. Unless you happen to be independently wealthy, you are probably like most new business owners and need to partner with a commercial lender who can help assess your current assets and guide your next steps, like how to apply for an SBA loan.

Understand Your Tax Burden

It is extremely important to know what is expected from you and your enterprise as it relates to the IRS. Whether you choose to use a certified public accountant or employ an in-house accounting team, it is imperative to understand when, how, and to whom you pay taxes and fees.

Consider the Risk

There is always some degree of risk with launching a new business venture. Calculating, understanding, and planning for risk are important steps to take before you start working on your business. You also should expect the unexpected. For instance, not many people could have foreseen a global pandemic like COVID-19, but businesses that had disaster recovery and business continuity plans already in place were better positioned to adapt to the new circumstances.

Build a Business Plan

A business plan outlines the steps you need to take for a successful launch and continued growth. This is essential to knowing how you will get from start-up to a prosperous enterprise. In addition, your commercial lender will want to see a very robust and detailed plan that evaluates your company.

Bring in Your Circle of Professionals

You need to rely on industry experts in other areas to help your business flourish. Whether it is advertising, IT, or legal, chances are there are areas outside of your field of expertise where you will need professional guidance. Investing in reputable vendors is key to successfully opening a business.

PlainsCapital Bank has a stellar history of providing its customers with sound advice and helping them launch their businesses. For more information on how our commercial lenders can help you, please visit the Loans and Financing section.

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