Keeping Your Money Safe: Jugging

Author: Denise Owens, SVP, Fraud Manager 02/28/2022

The term jugging may sound odd and unfamiliar, but it refers to a type of crime that has been around for years. More recently, it’s resurfacing in local communities, but there are ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

How Does Jugging Work?

Jugging refers to a type of robbery where the criminals often work in teams. They identify a victim withdrawing money from an ATM or bank branch, then follow them when they leave and rob them later. The robbery may occur in the victim’s car or another location. Research shows the term jugging stems from decades ago when people would transport money in jugs.

Stay Alert

To avoid falling prey to jugging, it’s important to remember the following points:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be distracted. This will make you look like an easy target.
  • If you feel like you’re being watched, notify someone.
  • If you’re in the bank and you feel like someone is watching you, advise the bank’s employees so they can contact authorities or assist you in getting to your vehicle.
  • If you’ve left the bank and feel like you’re being followed, don’t go home. Go to a police station or someplace secure.
  • The suspect is looking for the easiest target, so be confident. Don’t be the easy target.

How to Keep Your Money Safe

Keeping your money safe is as important to us as it is to you. PlainsCapital Bank’s Fraud Department provides educational resources for businesses and individuals to help detect and prevent fraud. For more information about our fraud prevention efforts, visit our fraud resources page. There you will find articles about the most recent scams and how you can avoid falling victim to one.

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