Accepting Payments for Curbside Pickup

Author: Mark Miralles, Manager, Merchant Services 07/15/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic created many new challenges for business-owners, like how to continue serving their customers without breaking health requirements. Many turned to curbside pickup to offer customers a safe option when collecting their orders. Accepting payments for curbside pickup has become a way for businesses to keep their doors open, while also ensuring their employees and clients are safe.

What is Curbside Pickup?

Curbside pickup is a service that allows customers to pick up their order from outside the business location, instead of having the order shipped to their home or going inside the storefront to collect it. Curbside is a way to enable another revenue stream for all businesses and create loyal customers by connecting with them in a new way. Business owners can choose where the curbside pickup location is, usually the parking area outside your store or even your warehouse.

Check Your Retail POS System

It’s necessary to make sure your retail point-of-sale (POS) system is fully equipped for curbside pickup. Your POS system needs to be cloud based, ideally a system that can not only connect customers via app or internet, but also identifies who your customers are and what they are purchasing. A POS system with tracking capabilities will help you understand more about your consumer base and how you can better cater to them.

Having a POS system with these capabilities allows you to save time during the ordering and fulfillment processes. Create efficiency around your business environment by automating the entire user experience and saving time. When a customer can see where their order is in the fulfillment process, they are more likely to return to that business because you’ve made ordering very simple, clear, and fast.

Make the Ordering Process Simple

A simple ordering process ensures you’re saving one of the most valuable resources on the planet: time. The most significant area businesses can see ROI is saving time and increasing efficiencies. Understanding the ordering processes can help you evaluate your business and see if you have any changes to make for employees or customers. Simplicity is the key to gaining repeat customers. No one wants to feel like they’ve wasted time due to errors in your POS system or buying process, so make sure there are none.

Accept Several Payment Options

By accepting several payment options, you open your business up to potential customers who choose unique ways to pay. Credit/debit cards and cash are the most traditional forms of payment. They are also the most secure way to handle curbside pickup payments. But be aware that some third-party providers of payment programs charge hefty fees for curbside, so you should fully research your options before making a decision.

Give Clear Instructions for Pickup Process

Curbside can be confusing for customers who have never used this ordering method before, so make sure you have clear instructions. Don’t risk angering your customers due to a lack of communication, this could hurt your business’ reputation and could keep customers from returning.

The clearer communication you have with clients and the easier it is for them, from placing an order to curbside pickup, the more likely they are to return as a repeat client.

PlainsCapital has a dedicated merchant services team who are ready to help you with choosing POS systems, payments options, and much more. For information on how to streamline payments and find processing solutions, please visit the Merchant Services section of our website.

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