5 Ways to Boost Small Business Revenue

Author: George Myers, Senior Business Development Officer 04/21/2022

Many small businesses took a hard hit during the pandemic. Others have seen profits impacted due to supply chain issues. Does your business fit one of those descriptions? Or is your business just not having the growth you’d like? There is more to running a successful business than selling a product or service. Creativity and flexibility are equally important. If you’re trying to boost your revenue and overcome setbacks caused by recent economic disruptions, below are five ideas that could help get your business back on track.

Encourage Repeat Customers

Always give your customers a reason to come back, and the first reason is the great services or products you provide. You can give them a second reason by implementing a loyalty program that offers perks to returning customers. For instance, offer special discounts for frequent shoppers, or thank customers for their business with store credit they can use at a later date. Doing this throughout the year will encourage consistent repeat business. Incentivize your customers to recommend your business to friends by using a referral program. If a customer sends business your way by telling friends and family about you, thank them with a discount or complimentary service.

Keep in touch with your customers by collecting their contact information through surveys or membership programs. This will allow you to continue communicating with them after they’ve shopped. Send them announcements about limited time offers and sales or new products and services. It’s helpful to add a personal touch to your messaging, like sending a customized greeting or coupon on their birthday. Be sure to ask for their date of birth when you get their information.

Ask your customers for their input. People love sharing their opinion, and your customers’ opinions are a valuable asset. You should send them surveys periodically or every time they do business with you. Ask how their experience was and what can be improved. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to give their feedback.

Offer Coupons or Discounts

Offering your customers coupons and discounts can be an easy way to drive sales. Dollar value deals look more appealing to customers than percentages because they can easily see how much they are saving. Try different promotions to see which ones get the most traction with your customers.

Bundle complementary products with products your customers are already buying. Take advantage of seasons and holidays to run sales. If you have an online business or offer shipping services, offer free shipping to customers who join your loyalty programs or to customers who spend over a certain dollar amount.

Add New Products

Introducing new products is a great way to attract new customers and boost your small business’ revenue. Add products that fit your brand but serve a new kind of customer. Or add a product that is similar to what your competitors sell. You can introduce complementary products that work well with your current products, or you can offer a completely new type of service and diversify your service menu. This will attract new customers and re-attract existing ones.

If adding new products doesn’t fit your business model, there are other ways to diversify. You could partner with other small businesses and sell their products in your stores in exchange for a service or business referrals. Make sure their products or services are sufficiently different from the ones you provide. If their products complement your business, that’s even better. Your customers will appreciate having more options without having to visit another store.

Stay Connected through Marketing and Social Media

It’s important to stay connected with your customers even after they leave your store. Many small businesses invest some marketing resources into building a social media presence. No matter what your customer demographic is, it’s very likely some of them use social media. Don’t worry if social media is a new landscape for you, there are many tools and resources available to get started.

First, develop a specific strategy for each social media platform you plan to use. Research which platforms your customer base uses the most and pay more attention to those. The key to social media is being active and consistent. You should post content on your channels frequently in order to engage your audience and stay relevant in their minds.

When it comes to social media content, impact is as important as volume. You want to create eye-catching and engaging content. Images have more impact than text. Videos have more impact than images. Having a mix of the three is a good strategy. Pay attention to trending topics and figure out what conversations to join.

Rather than posting content aimlessly, you should speak directly to your audience. Join and watch online communities where your customers are. Learning from their social media habits will enable you to post content that is meaningful to them. In marketing, data is king. The same is true for social media. Measuring and analyzing your social media engagement will let you know how well your content is performing with your audience.

Cut Down on Expenses

Finally, one of the best ways to boost your small business’ profits is to cut down on costs. Technology has made saving time and money even easier. Invest in tools that speed up processes and save resources. If buying brand new technology doesn’t fit your budget, you can shop for refurbished technology. You might find practically new equipment for a fraction of the cost. As business becomes more modernized, get rid of old tools that are no longer necessary. For instance, your business probably doesn’t need a landline. You might also consider going paperless and making all your files digital to save on supplies.

Your business needs a budget, and your revenue needs you to stick to that budget. Evaluate your expenses and eliminate what you don’t need. Anything your business doesn’t require to operate can be cut. Save your business money in the long run by paying off your debt as soon as possible. Measure the return your software programs or systems provide. If they aren’t generating revenue for your business, they could be costing your business.

When you know your small business inside and out, it becomes clear how you can cut down costs, improve your systems, and engage your customers to generate more revenue. For more information about improving your small business’ revenue, contact a financial expert today by calling 956.519.5995 or visit PlainsCapital.com.

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