5 Traits of the Best Student Checking Accounts

Author: Marjorie Clark, Branch Manager 08/12/2021

For many college students, heading off to school is the first time they’ll be on their own with more financial independence. How do you know if your student is ready to manage their finances? The best student checking accounts can go a long way toward starting them on the right path.

Student checking accounts are full-service accounts created to help college students, ages 18 to 24, get started managing their finances and budgeting. These accounts have special features to get them ready for the adult world. Below are five features to look for when choosing your student’s account.

No Minimum Balance Requirement

Student checking accounts with no minimum balance requirements are made to reflect a student’s lifestyle. By not requiring a minimum balance, college students can focus more on their studies and less on earning money.

Student checking accounts are a way for financial institutions to reward students for choosing to continue their education and help build a stable financial future.

No Monthly Maintenance Fee

The best student checking accounts have no monthly maintenance fee because full-time students may or may not have a part-time job. They might be receiving financial aid or aid from other resources, like scholarships. Students must focus on their academics and may not have time to work, which is why monthly fees should be the last of their worries.

Low Initial Deposit of $0 to $50

To open any checking account, a deposit is required to have accessible funds. A student checking account with a low initial deposit is helpful because many students open their accounts with money they received as high school graduation gifts.

Large ATM Network

Many students choose to venture out of their hometowns when going to college. They want to experience new places, which is why the best student checking accounts have large ATM networks for ease of access.

Students have busy schedules and don’t always have time to visit a branch location during open hours, which is why ATMs, ITMs and Personal Teller Machines are great options for them.

Physical Branch Locations and/or Online Accessibility

College students are usually pretty tech-savvy, so it’s important they have access to their checking accounts online. The best student checking accounts offer online banking and a mobile app so students can log in 24/7. Online and mobile accessibility allows students the ease of checking their balance, managing their cards, making deposits, and viewing statements anywhere, anytime.

PlainsCapital Bank’s Solutions for Students

The PlainsCapital BasicAccess Account can be a great option for your student. With a low minimum opening deposit, no monthly service fee for ages 25 and under1, and no overdraft or non-sufficient fees2, this account is ideal for a student’s first bank account.  And with a network of 80 PlainsCapital ATMs across Texas, as well as access to 55,000 Allpoint ATMs nationwide, students can access their accounts with ease. In addition, PlainsCapital Bank offers students online banking through PlainsCapital.com and mobile banking on the PlainsCapital Bank app.

If needed, students can also go to a bank branch to receive specialized support from a finance professional. PlainsCapital has 66 locations throughout Texas to meet student needs.

Students are starting their adult lives when they head off to college. Make sure they’re financially prepared with a bank account that meets their needs.
1 Once the primary accountholder turns 26, there will be a $5 monthly service fee.
2 If you do not have sufficient funds available in your account to cover a transaction, the transaction will be declined in most cases.

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