4 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

Author: Wendy Washington, SVP, Commercial Loan Officer 10/10/2019

Without a doubt, peer-to-peer fundraising is among the most effective and engaging fundraising methods for nonprofits. By accessing the power of your supporter community, your nonprofit can quickly reach its fundraising goals while making connections with new individuals to rally around your cause.

Here are four fundraising best practices for nonprofits to strengthen peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

1. Promote your campaign on social media

Utilizing social media can help you increase donations and create a positive chain reaction surrounding your cause. In fact, the Nonprofit Source reports 21 percent of donations are made through social media. When one of your participants post about your mission, their network of friends may engage, donate, or widen your reach by sharing the post with their own network. This makes social media a useful way to communicate your message with possible donors who may not hear otherwise.

Social media also gives your supporters a chance to express how their values and beliefs identify with your mission. Because people are more likely to contribute to causes that emotionally impact their family and friends, promoting your campaign on social media is a great avenue to grow your supporter base by having others advocate for your mission.

2. Design a person-to-person donation page

A great donation page can make the difference between an apathetic visitor and a devoted donor. To make yours as effective as possible, take into account user experience and design your page to be as easily navigable as possible.

One of the key elements of your donation page is a compelling call to action leading visitors to make a monetary contribution. A succinct and clickable call to action such as, “Support Us Today,” can catch reader’s attention and drive them to give. To help minimize donor abandonment, you can also offer plenty of simplified methods to donate funds including eCheck, credit card, and recurring payments.

Communicating your organization’s identity on your donation page is especially important to establish trust with your audience. When your donation page makes visitors feel like part of your cause and features easily operable and attractive elements, they’ll be more inclined to give. Videos, photographs, and impactful testimonials can all inspire potential donors, help boost completion rates, and elevate your progress.

3. Set up peer-to-peer fundraising teams

Because peer-to-peer fundraising thrives on relationships between participants and their family and friends, working in groups allows volunteers to combine networks to raise money. Fundraisers may also feel more confident asking their connections for donations if they know they’re not alone.

Working in teams helps generate competition and excitement, giving your campaign an even greater reach. Groups can have fun by tracking and comparing progress with other teams as they all pursue the same goal.

4. Capture fundraising data

Whether your volunteers rally in teams or as individuals, fundraising data can contribute to the success of your mission. When your participants see and feel like their contributions are making a difference, it’s easier for them to stay motivated, engaged, and involved.

Publicly tracking the short- and long-term progress of your campaign is a great way to build supporter buy-in and a sense of team accomplishment. Because volunteer and donor retention is a crucial component to your fundraising goals, capturing data along the way engages your current network and continues to attract potential donors.

Helping You Make a Difference

Raising funds to help tackle the mission-critical issues your nonprofit addresses requires a thoughtful approach. With a carefully planned peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for your organization, you can build your network and tap into supporters’ networks to make the most of every opportunity. PlainsCapital Bank can provide direction, resources, and support for your nonprofit’s unique mission. As an active community partner, our financial professionals are committed to creating tailored strategies to help your organization achieve its funding and sustainability goals.

For more information on how PlainsCapital Bank can help with fundraising best practices for nonprofits, call a PlainsCapital representative today at 866.762.8392.

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