4 Benefits of Mobile Banking for College Students

Author: Johnnie Medrano, Vice President, Regional Sales and Service Manager 07/22/2022

For the last decade, mobile banking has become increasingly popular with consumers. With the introduction of mobile apps, college students can access and protect their money right from their fingertips. Here are four benefits of mobile banking for college students.


As technology has become more sophisticated, so have scammers and fraudsters. Mobile banking provides many solutions to this problem, including secure login procedures and instant account monitoring, which help keep your finances secure.

With a mobile banking app, students can monitor their accounts anytime money is transferred. If fraud is detected, a user can suspend their account at the click of a button to prevent further losses.

Another security benefit that mobile banking apps offer is advanced login procedures. The use of facial recognition and fingerprint technology has made mobile accounts even more secure, making it more difficult for hackers and scammers to access accounts and other financial information.

Financial security is something many college students often overlook, but with mobile banking, safety is right in the palm of your hand.

Instant Account Monitoring

Instant account monitoring gives users a snapshot of any activity happening within their accounts. Individuals get to see every transaction, every deposit, and every withdrawal in their checking and savings accounts. This benefit provides college students a sense of security. Students can see when money leaves and enters their accounts and will know instantly if fraud is occurring.

Most mobile banking apps can also provide recent account statements as well as reports from as far back as seven years. Instant account monitoring can help college students manage their money by allowing them to see exactly how a major or minor purchase might affect their bank accounts before they even make a transaction.

Easy Access

Mobile banking has made accessing your account less of a chore. Before mobile banking, a person would have to log onto their online banking website, visit an ATM, or go to their local bank branch to view their account status. Now, customers can open their mobile banking app on their phones and log in to view their checking and savings balances and transactions.

With the easy access provided by mobile banking apps, college students can check on their money anytime, anywhere. Whether they are looking to see how much money they spent last weekend or if a paycheck was deposited, mobile banking makes it hassle-free.

More Control of Your Money

Mobile banking apps also give college students more ways to exchange money without ever having to access cash. For example, with Zelle® users can send and receive money instantly right from their phone.

Having more control of their money not only makes college students’ lives easier, but also provides security and helps them learn responsibility. Mobile banking can teach students to be more aware of their spending by allowing them to see the direct effects each transaction can have on their financial stability. To learn more about mobile banking and how to enroll, visit PlainsCapital’s Online and Mobile Banking page.

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