4 Advantages of Mobile Point of Sale Systems for Your Business

Author: Lisa Steiger, SVP, Treasury Management Sales Manager 07/30/2020

Today’s small business owner understands the importance of being able to adjust to rapidly changing technology and customer expectations. Mobile point of sale (mPOS) systems are growing in popularity and can offer a range of benefits to help merchants improve the customer experience, improve efficiency, and collect valuable data. Below are four advantages of mobile point of sale systems for your business that can help you meet evolving market demands.

1. Save time and decrease checkout lines

With the prevalence of online shopping, today’s customer is accustomed to completing purchases with the click of a button. That’s why it’s vital for brick-and-mortar businesses to mirror the ease of electronic shopping by reducing wait times and long lines at the register. An mPOS system connects directly to smartphones or tablets, allowing sales associates to quickly ring up customer purchases with the swipe of a debit or credit card anywhere in the store. Not only will this make it faster to check out, it can help close more sales by meeting the customer right on the sales floor as they make their purchasing decisions.

2. Sell anywhere, anytime

With an mPOS, your business is no longer chained to a specific piece of real estate. Instead, your geographic reach extends anywhere your smart phone or tablet can go. This can be a game-changer for restaurants or retailers open to traveling to special events, conferences, festivals, and other gatherings of potential customers. Not only does this added mobility allow you to increase sales in the short-term, it helps you build long-term relationships with new customers who might never have found your business in its physical store.

3. Go green and reduce paper usage

These days, customers and businesses alike are more aware of environmental issues and the importance of reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. These concerns, along with the increasing use of technology, have spurred the move away from paper invoices, statements, and receipts. Mobile POS systems fit well with this trend by allowing business owners to conduct business entirely through electronic transactions. Not only does this reduce a business’ carbon footprint, it increases efficiency and cost savings by avoiding the overhead associated with paper transactions.

4. Create a customer database

For small business owners, building a database of reliable customer and sales information can be a challenge. Limited manpower and other resources can make it difficult to capture contact information and statistics about the buying habits and preferences of your customers. An effective mPOS system can help solve this problem. These systems are integrated with a mobile device app which instantly catalogues customer data to help you track sales, adjust inventory, and create marketing campaigns to build customer relationships. The level of support varies depending on the mPOS system you choose, so it’s important to do your research before selecting the one that’s right for you.

Technology solutions for your business

Small business owners have more opportunities than ever before to leverage affordable, intuitive technology to give their business a competitive edge. Understanding the advantages of mobile point of sale systems and utilizing them in your business can be an effective way to improve your customers’ experience while reducing expenses and expanding your geographic reach. To learn more about how PlainsCapital Bank can support your business, call us today at 866.762.8392.

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