3 Benefits of Business Mobile Banking

Author: Alvaro de la Garza, Commercial Loan Officer 06/11/2020

Business doesn’t have to stop just because you’re away from the office. Having a tool for mobile banking on the go and at your convenience can change the way you do business. Here are three ways your business can take advantage of the benefits of business mobile banking.

Receive account updates in real time

When you need quick access to your accounts whether you’ve already left the office, are working from home or have an after-hours emergency, mobile business banking enables you to get the information you need, instantly. With a business banking app, you can check for changes to your account, receive updates and review multiple accounts–all on the go, from a smartphone or tablet device. If you’re waiting on a payment to process, funds to transfer or an invoice to be paid, you can check your accounts in real time without needing to be on a computer.

Make deposits and receive payments quickly

With mobile business banking, you can deposit checks without making a trip to the bank. When you don’t have time to stop at a branch, you can follow six simple steps to use your smartphone to snap a photo of a check and submit it to your bank for processing.

1. Endorse your check with “For Mobile Deposit Only at your bank”

2. Open your mobile banking app

3. Select the account you want to deposit the check into

4. Enter the amount on the check

5. Use your device to take a photo of the front and back of the check

6. Submit it to your bank for processing

Improve efficiency and productivity

By skipping trips to the bank to deposit checks and having the freedom to check your accounts from your mobile device, you and your team become more efficient and productive. Using a mobile device for routine banking needs frees up your time for important day-to-day operations that move the needle.

At PlainsCapital Bank, we understand the impact technology can have on your business and are here to help streamline your work with our Business Mobile Banking App. For more on the benefits of business mobile banking and how we can help your business grow, call 866.762.8392 to speak with a PlainsCapital representative.

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