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PlainsCapital Bank Sponsors Texas Council on Economic Education's Smarter Texas Conference in San Antonio

PlainsCapital Bank served as a sponsor for Texas Council on Economic Education’s (TCEE) Smarter Texas Conference in San Antonio on June 21 and 22. Our donation helped reduce registration costs, making the conference affordable for kindergarten through 12th-grade teachers throughout Texas. PlainsCapital Bank also sponsored a Lewisville High School economics and business teacher by covering her expenses to attend the conference.

The Smarter Texas Conference exposed educators to the latest financial literacy, economics and entrepreneurship teaching methods and materials. It also served as an opportunity to introduce the new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards that will require kindergarten through eighth-grade math teachers to incorporate personalfinancial literacy into their curriculum beginning in 2014.

Sarah Pendley, branch operations manager for PlainsCapital Bank in San Antonio, and Mike Molak, president of PlainsCapital Bank in San Antonio, have been working with TCEE since early 2013 to make the Smarter Texas Conference a success. The Bank sponsored two networking breakfasts for TCEE employees to meet with local business and community leaders to get their input on the conference curriculum.

Molak also worked with nonprofit groups, including San Antonio Library Foundation, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater San Antonio and San Antonio ISD Foundation to brainstorm ways to provide a comprehensive and informative program to educators attending the conference. Jennifer Ramon, senior vice president of product development and review, represented PlainsCapital Bank in a panel discussion about savings accounts while other industry professionals covered topics such as checking accounts, debit cards, loans and overdraft protection. 

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