Resolving Fraud

Report Fraud

If you have fraudulent activity on your account, your identity has been stolen, or your ATM card, debit card, or checkbook has been lost or stolen, notify us immediately by doing one of the following:

Call Us

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Report suspicious online activity or phishing – including fake emails, websites, and pop-up windows – by emailing

If your identity has been stolen, after you have contacted us, you should also:

If your business has been victimized, also:

  • Contact your attorney
  • Notify any customers or other businesses that may have been affected, and encourage them to monitor their credit reports
  • Check system logs to identify compromised computers
  • Disconnect hacked or infected computers from the Internet and scan with updated security software
  • Notify your internet service provider

Information Relating to Debit Cards

If your ATM or debit card information has been compromised by a third party, we are generally notified by the company that experienced the data breach or the law enforcement agency investigating the crime. Although a data breach occurred, it does not mean that fraud will occur or that you will be a victim of identity theft. However, we may close your card and send you a new one. Once you receive it, activate your new card according to the instructions and destroy your old card. Your PIN number will be the same, as will your checking account number. However, if you’ve set up recurring payments or if a store or service provider has your old debit card number on file, you’ll need to provide those companies with your new debit card number and expiration date.

For data breach information, click here.

Learn about how to prevent fraud.

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